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The Vital Few To Success in Business

Posted by Tammy A. S. Kohl on Thu, Jan 19, 2012

describe the image"Every worthwhile accomplishment, big or little, has its stages of drudgery and triumph; a beginning, a struggle and a victory". Mahatma Gandhi

Success in your own business is really not unlike success in any endeavor. Many professionals are seriously considering creating their business. The dream of having your own business, the freedom to control your time, select the projects you want to work on and the financial freedom is very attractive. However, the trappings of having your own business cannot become a reality unless you as a new business owner understand and embrace the following:

 Commitment. Commitment is required and it is never ending. No business is successful let alone sustainability unless and until you are committed to make what needs to happen – happen. Success requires commitment to the overall vision of the business but also to the day-to-day activities that are needed to make the vision a reality. When commitment waivers then so will results.

There are no short cuts. Just like there are no magic bullets or easy answers. So many new business owners are looking for the get rich quick answer. Every business is a series of processes that need to be followed in order to get the best results. Similar to an auto assembly line. If two or three stations are skipped the car is going to come off the assembly missing important parts it needs to mechanically function.

Which leads us to the fact there are no secrets. Many people before you have created successful businesses. There are models, books, templates, mentors and business partners that can help guide you down a proven path as opposed to making it up as you go. If you are unsure how to legally structure your business or how to create a successful marketing plan to generate leads access a resource that has experience in those specific areas. Creating those alignments is a big part of working smart which we talk about shortly

There is no substitute for hard work. Building a business takes hard work. However, the reason many successful consultants don’t mind the hard work is because they and they alone are reaping the rewards. The extra phone call, the second draft of the proposal, the additional networking meeting are all extra steps that they know will lead to additional clients and business. As you start seeing the rewards then taking that extra step or working a little harder starts to feel good.

Flexibility. Business is ever changing. Having the flexibility to adapt and change is critical to building a successful business. Commit to continuous learn and improve because knowledge is power and can help you stay agile and open to new ideas. Truly sustainable businesses are always looking for the next best way to generate better results.

Work Smart. In addition to not being adverse to a little hard work you also need to work smart. What we by mean that is making sure that you don’t caught up in busy work or business activities that are not focused on results and outcomes. Organizing a file draw or your email in box are technically activities related to your business but they are not focused on revenue generating activity. Based on the Pareto Principle  put your time, money and energy on the most important things in your business which probably equates to no more than 20% of the things you do. Pareto called it the law of the vital few.


Turning your dream of having your own business can quickly become a reality. It has been our experience that if you embrace these 6 concepts as your vital few, success is imminent!