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The 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Asking Questions

consulting practice

Our network of successful consultants
and coaches ask questions constantly.
Our experience with them for the last 35+ years has helped us to create this list of the 5 most critical Do’s and Don’ts of asking questions.

Let's start with the Don'ts. 

Stop Being So Nice


Did you know that getting people upset is the fastest way to help them? Strange, but true.

How to Lose a Sale in 5 Easy Steps

consulting sales

Now why would you want to know how to lose a sale? Awareness is the first step to acknowledging that it's quite possible the reasons for losing a sale reside squarely on your shoulders. If you know what NOT to do, you're on the path to figuring out what TO do. 

The Top 10 Reasons You Should Be an Independent Coach or Consultant

coaching and consulting

Are you getting tired of sitting on that fence?
You know, the one between your corporate
job and your wish to be independent. We turn to Late Show host, David Letterman, for a fun format that will help you determine if you’ve got the right stuff to be an independent coach or consultant. 

Here’s our Top 10 List on why you should pull the trigger and ditch the corporate life:

Three Questions Every Consultant Should Be Asking

business questions

Which three measurements give the best sense of a
company's health? Whether you're talking to the business owner of a multi-site, multi-national organization or the owner of a corner store, there are three critical measurements that denote the overall health and well-being of any organization: employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and cash flow. Effective consultants should be asking questions of their prospects and clients around these three key issues.

No company, small or large, can remain competitive in its chosen market without employees who believe in the mission and know what they need to do to achieve it. That's why it is critical to measure the level of employee engagement at least once a year ... anonymously. And we're talking about more than finding out if they like the coffee in the employee lounge. In fact, that question shouldn't be anywhere near an employee survey! The categories of evaluation should revolve around:

5 Tips for Creating "REALationships"

Business Relations

What’s in a relationship? Websters dictionary defines it as "connection." We connect to many things throughout our workday and to many people. Managers connect with their team members. Salespeople connect with prospects. Coaches and Consultants connect with their clients. Service representatives connect with customers. And all employees in an organization should be connecting to their coworkers, whether they’re front line or top of the house.

Credible Questioning = Incredible Results


One of the most important qualities (if not THE most important quality) that effective consultants and coaches possess is their ability to ask good questions. Practicing dynamic inquiry is what sets them apart from the competition.

The Secrets of Successful Networking, Part IV

consulting network

Networking has been proven as the best way to
gain new clients within our network of outstanding coaches and consultants.

The Secrets of Successful Networking, Part I
The Secrets of Successful Networking, Part II
The Secrets of Successful Networking, Part III

You could have done an excellent job educating someone about what you do, how you do it, and with whom you want to do it. As a consultant or coach, that still may not resonate with your referral partners. They still might not “get it.” The easiest way for them to understand the work that you do is to show them! Let them see you in action. Give them an opportunity to experience you doing what you do best.

The Secrets of Successful Networking, Part III

consulting network

Networking has been proven as the best way to gain
new clients within our network of outstanding coaches and consultants.

The Secrets of Successful Networking, Part I
The Secrets of Successful Networking, Part II

We’ll continue sharing their tips and techniques in this post.

Okay, you’ve been to an event and met some great people. Now what?

The Secrets to Successful Networking, Part II

business consulting network

Our task for the next few posts is to help you get
more out of your networking efforts. We began with our last post, The Secrets to Successful Networking. We’ll continue by taking a page out of the Boy Scout handbook for the secret identified in this post: Be Prepared. It’s important to prepare yourself if you know you’ll be attending a networking event. This encompasses everything from dusting off that tuxedo or otherwise dressing for the occasion to determining if this event or group is even right for you.

Your preparation should begin with determining if this event is the right place for you to make connections. Find out who’s going to be there. Who attended last month/year? Chances are they’ll be back again or people like them will attend. Are they in your target? Identify the type of person with whom you want to align. Are the people you want to meet going to be there or do the people who are going to attend know someone you want to meet? If not, you have a decision to make. Is this event really worth your time?

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